Oracle SPFILE and PFILE Manage


Oracle SPFILE and PFILE Manage


Oracle Startup Files

Following are the oracle boot files and the correct way to create them.

The boot process of a database is done from reading the boot file.

There are two types of files: the PFILE is a text file known by the init.ora and the SPFILE that is a server parameter file known as spfile.ora.

The database instance first looks for the SPFILE and not find seeks PFILE. The SPFILE file is a binary version of the PFILE. The biggest advantage of using the SPFILE is the optimization of the base, as there are several parameters that are changed and become persistent and will be reused on the next reboot of the base.

You can check if there is a SPFILE with the following command:

SQL> show parameter spfile;

To create the SPFILE from the PFILE can be used the following commands:

SQL> create SPFILE from PFILE;

SQL> create SPFILE from PFILE = ‘/app/oracle/product/10g/dbs/init.ora’;

SQL> create SPFILE = ‘/app/oracle/product/10g/dbs/spfile.ora’ FROM PFILE = ‘/opt/oracle/product/10g/dbs/init.ora’;

Then you must close the database and restart it. During the restart process is automatically used SPFILE created above.

SQL> shutdown immediate;

SQL> startup;

If you need to start with the PFILE can use the following commands:

SQL> startup open pfile = ‘/app/oracle/product/10g/dbs/init.ora’;

SQL> startup open pfile = ‘/u01/app/oracle/admin/lab001/pfile/init.ora.5102011152549’;

SQL> startup open pfile = ‘/u01/home/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/dbs/spfilelab001.ora’;

To ensure better optimization of the database is better than the bank starts using the SPFILE. An important observation is NEVER manually editing the spfile.ora file. Otherwise the bank may not switch to the open state. The parameters contained in the file should be changed by the management software.


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