Oracle DB Console – OEM


Oracle DB Console - OEM


You receive one of the following errors when creating dbconsole

ORA-24344, ORA-04063, PLS-00201


To resolve this, grant the following permissions to the public:

sqlplus / nolog

conn / as sysdba

grant execute on UTL_SMTP to public;

grant execute on UTL_TCP to public;

grant execute on utl_file to public;

grant execute on DBMS_SQL to public;

grant execute on DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT to public;

Now, run the command to recreate the DB Repos again:


%ORACLE_HOME%\ bin\emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate

Unix / Linux:

$ ORACLE_HOME/bin/emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate

Note that it would be a good idea to revoke these permissions and grant them directly to SYSMAN after the creation of OEM repository.

Reconfigure the Oracle Enterprise Manager

For many reasons you may need to drop the OEM and create it again, for example, to move an instance from one server to another. Here are the simple steps to reconfigure the OEM.


– Drop the old repositories and deconfigure the old OEM:

$ sqlplus / nolog

SQL> conn / as sysdba

SQL> drop user sysman cascade;

SQL> DROP PUBLIC SYNONYM setemviewusercontext;

SQL> DROP ROLE mgmt_user;

SQL> DROP PUBLIC SYNONYM mgmt_target_blackouts;

SQL> DROP USER mgmt_view;

– Now you are ready to set it up once again:

$ emca -config dbcontrol db create -repos

OEM Configuration Guide for Instance

To manually configure OEM to an instance of Oracle database is used EMCA script, which can be found in $ ORACLE_HOME / bin (Linux) or %ORACLE_HOME%\bin (Windows). Run the script below:

$ emca create -repos

Fill in the required information, then run the script as below to set the OEM for instance:

$ emca -config dbcontrol db

Fill out the required information again and if all goes well, you will see a message like this:

INFO: The Enterprise Manager URL is http: //hostname:1158/em

Now, to access the OEM, just open a browser and enter the URL provided by EMCA … in my example: http: //hostname:1158/em

*** The first time I did this I got the error message:

SEVERE ‘job_queue_processes’ must be greater than or equal to 1

To solve this, add the line job_queue_processes = N, where N is greater than or equal to 1.


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