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SAP Security Tables


SAP Security Tables

Under Security Tables SAP R/3 can be used as a reference.

USR02 – Logon data
USR04 – User master authorization (one row per user)
UST04 – User profiles (multiple rows per user)
USR10 – Authorisation profiles (i.e. &_SAP_ALL)
UST10C – Composit profiles (i.e. profile has sub profile)
USR11 – Text for authorisation profiles
USR12 – Authorisation values
USR13 – Short text for authorisation
USR40 – Tabl for illegal passwords
USGRP – User groups
USGRPT – Text table for USGRP
USH02 – Change history for logon data
USR01 – User Master (runtime data)
USER_ADDR – Address Data for users
AGR_1016 – Name of the activity group profile
AGR_1016B – Name of the activity group profile
AGR_1250 – Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1251 – Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1252 – Organizational elements for authorizations
AGR_AGRS – Roles in Composite Roles
AGR_DEFINE – Role definition
AGR_HIER2 – Menu structure information – Customer vers
AGR_HIERT – Role menu texts
AGR_OBJ – Assignment of Menu Nodes to Role
AGR_PROF – Profile name for role
AGR_TCDTXT – Assignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TEXTS – File Structure for Hierarchical Menu – Cus
AGR_TIME – Time Stamp for Role: Including profile
AGR_USERS – Assignment of roles to users
USOBT – Relation transaction to authorization object (SAP)
USOBT_C – Relation Transaction to Auth. Object (Customer)
USOBX – Check table for table USOBT
USOBXFLAGS – Temporary table for storing USOBX/T* chang
USOBX_C – Check Table for Table USOBT_C

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