SAP FI/CO Transactions Financials


SAP FI/CO Transactions Financials

F-01 – Enter Sample Document
F-02 – Enter G/L Account Posting
F-04 – Post with Clearing
F-05 – Post Foreign Currency Valuation
F-06 – Post Incoming Payments
F-07 – Post Outgoing Payments
F-18 – Payment with Printout
F-19 – Reverse Statistical Posting
F-20 – Reverse Bill Liability
F-21 – Enter Transfer Posting
F-22 – Enter Customer Invoice
F-25 – Reverse Check/Bill of Exch
F-26 – Incoming Payments Fast Entry
F-27 – Enter Customer Credit Memo
F-28 – Post Incoming Payments
F-29 – Post Customer Down Payment
F-30 – Post with Clearing
F-31 – Post Outgoing Payments
F-33 – Post Bill of Exchange Usage
F-34 – Post Collection
F-35 – Post Forfaiting
F-36 – Bill of Exchange Payment
F-37 – Customer Down Payment Request
F-38 – Enter Statistical Posting
F-39 – Clear Customer Down Payment
F-40 – Bill of Exchange Payment
F-41 – Enter Vendor Credit Memo
F-42 – Enter Transfer Posting
F-43 – Enter Vendor Invoice
F-46 – Reverse Refinancing Acceptance
F-47 – Down Payment Request
F-48 – Post Vendor Down Payment
F-49 – Customer Noted Item
F-51 – Post with Clearing
F-53 – Payment to vendor (Manual)
F110 – Payment to vendor (Automatic Payment Program)
FS10N – Debit Credit totals of ledger
MB51 – MIGO Listing
VA05 – Sales Order Listing
ME2L – PO Listing
MB03 – Material Document
VF05 – Sales Listing (Material / Customerwise)
ZSDSR – Customized Sales Register
FTXP – Maintain Tax Code
OB40 – Maintain FI Configuration: Automatic Posting
OB13 – Create Chart of Accounts
OBD4 – Create Account Group

FS00 – General Ledger
FD00 – Customer Ledger
FK00 – Vendor Ledger
FI12 – Bank Master
AS01 – Asset Master
KE51 – Profit Centre
KS01 – Cost Centre
KA01 – Cost Element
KL01 – Activity Type
KO01 – Internal Order

Special G/L Transactions
F-29 – Down Payment from Customer
F-39 – Down Payment Cleared (Customer)
F-48 – Down Payment to Vendors
F-54 – Down Payment Cleared (Vendors)

Post Entries
FB50 – Post GL (Non Balance Sheet Items)
FB60 – Book Vendor Invoice
FB65 – Debit Creditors
FB70 – Book Customer Invoice
FB75 – Credit Debtors
F-02 – For JV (Balance Sheet items)
F-28 – Booking Collections
F-58 – Making Payment (Manual)
F110 – Making Payment (Automatic)
FB08 – Reversal of Individual document
F.08 – Reversal of Mass documents
FINT – Interest on Customer’s Due
KB11N – For Changing Cost Centre

Posting Parked Entries
FV50 – Post GL (Non Balance Sheet Items)
FV60 – Book Vendor Invoice
FV65 – Debit Creditors
FV70 – Book Customer Invoice
FV75 – Credit Debtors

Purchase – Goods/Service
ME21N – Create Purchase Order – Goods
ME22N – Change Purchase Order – Goods
ME23N – Display Purchase Order – Goods
MIGO – Making GRN
MIRO – Invoice Verification
ML81N – Service Entry Sheet
MB5S – List of GR/IR

Cost Center, Cost Center Group, Profit Center & Cost Element
KS01 – Create Cost Centre
KA01 – Create Cost Element
OKEON – Create Cost Centre Group
KE51 – Create Profit Centre
CK40N – Costing Run

Internal Orders & Activity Type
KO01 – Create Internal Order
KO22 – Transaction Rule
KO88 – Settlement Rule
KL01 – Create Activity Type

Fixed Assets
F-90 – Acquiring Assets through FI only
AW10 – Asset Explorer
AFAB – Depreciation Posting Run

MCTA – Customer Analysis
VC/2 – Sales Summary
MCE1 – Purchasing Group analysis
MCE3 – Vendor Analysis
MCE5 – Material Group analysis
MCE7 – Material analysis
MCE8 – Sevice Analysis
ME80FN – Purchasing Document List (PO List)
MC.5 – Store Location analysis
FBZ5 – Print Payment
MB5B – Stock on Posting Date
MM60 – Material List
9KEO – Change of Profit Centre

Standard Reports
S_ALR_87012326 – Chart of Accounts List
S_ALR_87012289 – Compact Document Journal
S_ALR_87012172 – Customerwise Balance
S_ALR_87012174 – Customerwise Open Item list (All items)
S_ALR_87012186 – Customerwise Sales Report
S_ALR_87012289 – Document Display including Amount
S_ALR_87012287 – Document Journal
S_ALR_87012328 – GL Accounts List (Detailed)
S_ALR_87012333 – GL Accounts List (List)
S_ALR_87012301 – Ledger balances
S_ALR_87012291 – Line Item Journal
S_ALR_87012081 – Periodwise Sales
S_ALR_87012322 – Statement for GLs / Vendors / Customers
S_ALR_87012332 – Statements for GL Accounts, Customers & Vendors
S_ALR_87012103 – Vendors Linewise items (Open + Cleared)
S_ALR_87012093 – Vendorwise Purchase Report
S_ALR_87011963 – Asset Balances
AR01 – Fixed Assets Register
S_ALR_87012050 – Fixed Assets Additions Report
S_ALR_87012052 – Fixed Assets Deletion Report
AR03 – Fixed Assets Depreciation Report
J1INMIS – Tax Deducted at Source

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